Charging UPair One Battery
The UPair One drone comes with a charger which could be used to charge both drone battery and controller battery.But please do not charge both batteries at the same times,which will damage the battery and charger or cause accident.
When battery is charging,the charger light should be red at first and will get green after full.The battery light will get green with full 4 lights.

UPair Remote Control Self Calibration
* Keep the remote controller power off. Toggle the left switches upper.
1. Push the left joystick to down right by your left hand, and pull the right joystick to upper left by your right hand at the same time.
2. Turn on the controller, the RC is constantly beeping.
3. Move the throttles up and down right and left in circle, repeat it several times and ensure that the joysticks can go through the maximum.
4. Move the right switches up and down to the maximum and repeat it several times.
5. Turn the gimbal dial front and back to the maximum and repeat it several times.
6. Press the picture and video shotting button respectively, and then press both of the buttons together,then a long beeping-well done!

How to calibrate the compass for UPair One Plus?
The steps to calibrate the compass are as follows:
1.Remove the propellers before you start the compass calibration and power on both the aircraft and the RC.
2. Open UPAir app—Setting—General—Compass calibrate—Confirm
3.Hold the aircraft horizontally and ready to change its direction according to the pictures shown in the app.
4.Make sure you have put it in the right position as picture(Please note the direction of battery,gimbal camera,landing gear etc.)Then horizontally rotate 360 degrees counterclockwise several times until you see the blue arrow in the app,which indicates that you have finished first postition calibration.
5.Continue to do calibration for other positions following the same steps above until 6 positions are all calibrated.

How to Link the UPair controller and the aircraft ?
*Keep the Remote controller and Aircraft power off,remove 4 propellers for safety.
1.Toggle the left switch down to "Return to Home" mode.
2.Pull the left throttle stick to the bottom right,hold it and turn on the controller at the same time,
You will hear a beeping sound when remote controller is trying to link to the aircraft.
3.Power on the Aircraft ,within few minutes the “beep beep”sound will stop,which indicates
you have now finished linking the remote controller and the aircraft.
4.Toggle the left switch up to the "Normal-mode",now you can successfully unlock the motors.

How to Match MAC Code for UPair One Plus?
When there is no image and data/OSD on the App interface(Controller disconnected/Aircraft disconnected/Camera disconnected), you are required to match the Mac code.
The steps to match the code are as follows:
* Keep the aircraft,Remote controller and Android phone power on.(Only do the following steps with Android phone,because iphone has MFI limitations.)
1.Connect the remote controller and Android phone with the original USB data Cable,Choose "MTP mode"in your phone,
then enter Setting--Network--More--Open the USB tethering.Now you have successfully connected to the App.
2.Open the UPair App--Setting--Controller Setting--Code Matching ,Match the Mac code on your drone with the code
in the APP,make sure they are the same with each other.
3.After matching code for about 30 Secs,the data and picture would be display in the App interface.

Why does the remote control make beep beep sound?
It means the remote control is out of battery, please fully charge the remote control battery before use.
Why does UPair drone shaking when taking off and landing?
The altitude hold mode is depends on air pressure, falling rapidly may cause air pressure become too large in a short time, thus the aircraft air pressure measurement will be not accurate and shaking. It is better to slow down when taking off and landing.

What are the must do's before take-off?
Step 1: Connect your phone to the UPair APP via Wi-Fi.The Wifi name and password are showed on the sticker which located on the side of your UPair.
Step 2: Power on the remote control and aircraft, after hear a beep sound, open “More” or “Personal hotspot” in the setting column to find out “USB network sharing”;
Step 3: Self-checking, unlock the motors and take off.

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