UPair 2.7K

First Person View 7-inch screen gives real-time streaming live view on controller.

2.7K HD Video Recording and Camera.Perfect for shooting video or taking photos.

Intelligent 5400mA rechargable battery is capable of flying up to 19 minutes.

Flight Mode Switch: Position Hold Mode, Headless Mode and Altitude Hold Mode switched easily.

Three RTC methods: Auto One key Return to Home, Auto Low-voltage return to home, Auto Signal-lost return to home.

Long distance: HD Live transmission distance up to 800m, controller up to 1 miles away.

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  • This was my first time buying a real camera drone there was many in this drones price range but something kept me coming back to this one I'm glad it did this drone has exceeded all my expectations it has done everything it promised and most things better the gps hold has been rock steady even in gusting winds it just hangs there the range of the drone and the fpv range was far better than I could have imagined I've been as far as 1.6 kilometers with this drone that's a mile with perfect fpv reception the camera takes excellent pictures and the video is amazing to watch people wonder how i can take the pics with that little camera it's because it's not a toy it's a serious camera attached to a serious drone I'm not asked to write this review I'm doing it because I've been so pleased with this drone don't go by old reviews of this drone it's not the same upair one drone

    adamshortnacy3@gmail.com 2017-06-28 01:46:33


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